The music compositions of Adam Scott

Adam appears courtesy of Who Cares Records.


One of my greatest skills is writing custom compositions and arrangements for ensembles.  I find that all too often the music I hear ensembles performing doesn't suit them well enough.  My custom arrangements enhance the strengths, range and tessitura, and skill level of the musicians.  I've done everything from barbershop to full-blown symphonic scores.  

I try to keep current on the craft, writing in my spare time.  It seems I've always got a project or two in the works.  My current projects include a religious pop song, three barbershop arrangements, and a 3 song suite in ragtime for piano (one left to go).

I have arranged a couple dozen barbershop songs as well but honestly it's easier to use the Barbershop Harmony Society's website for ordering. 

I accept commissions and am happy to create custom arrangements based on my time availability and current workload.