The music compositions of Adam Scott

Adam appears courtesy of Who Cares Records.


I've completed a few big works and they are a lot of fun.  Pine View High School premiered my Reveries of War for wind ensemble and that was a lot of fun to see that one get some life.  I've got sketches for another symphony and an opera one day (only finished the aria at present).  

Here's what's ready now:


TITLE                                                              Pricing     Level                   Voicing 

At the Fair                                                       $75          Middle School     Wind ensemble 

Reveries of War*                                              $75          High School         Symphonic ensemble 

Symphony No. 1: The Dark Priest                     $75          High School         Symphonic orchestra

Symphony No. 1: The Dark Priest                     $75          High School         Wind ensemble 

Symphony No. 2: The Divine Comedy                $75          College/Prof         Symphonic orchestra 



*Contact me for an audio preview