The music compositions of Adam Scott

Adam appears courtesy of Who Cares Records.


I've always had an interest in music.  In high school the very first composition I wrote won a cash award.  I was hooked.  I started writing more instrumental music, but gradually branched out to writing choral music, music for different ensembles, and eventually full blown symphonic scores.  I've now written over a hundred original compositions including two symphonies, choral selections including a spiritual, and everything from opera to barbershop, and even a rag for piano.  In college I began as a choral music education major, but eventually found myself studying composition with Dr. F. Dean Madsen.  I graduated cum laude from USU with a bachelor's degree in music composition.  Professionally I began teaching in the Washington County School District until 2010 when I was hired by the Barbershop Harmony Society to be a Society Educator and the Music Editor.  In this capacity I travel around the world teaching the wonderful craft of barbershop.  In the office I edit the sheet music for clarity and uniformity.  It's a wonderful place to work and I love my job and those I work with.  So although I never, ever thought I'd say it, I live in Nashville Tennessee, Music City.  My wife and two wonderful sons complete my family here.

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